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1970 | 602 Zaanse Clock

The ”ZAANSE CLOCK” represents one of the most stylish timekeeping pieces of Dutch history. It derives its name from the region of Holland near Amsterdam: “Zaanland” where it was first manufactured around 1720. Alma produced thousands of “Zaanse clocks” and it was this clock that was the founding product for Alma.

1973 | 613 Het Schippertje

“Het SCHIPPERTJE” is a smaller version of the old Frisian Tail clock and was built to fit the limited space in a ship’s cabin and was technically adjusted so the movement of the ship had no influence on the clock’s accuracy. This ship clock is a good example of one of many models that contributed to Alma’s success.

1975 | 600 Frisian Tail Clock

The “FRISIAN TAILCLOCK” originated in the period around 1800 and the hand painted face exemplifies the important role water plays in Dutch life. Friesland, the northern part of The Netherlands, was the most important centre of the production for these types of clocks. The “Frisian Tail Clock” was manufactured in large numbers for many years.

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1978 | 703/719 Comtoise

The comtoise is a French clock built in the Jura by farmers and became the signature French traditional clock. The movements are big and bulky and the exterior was brass and ornate. Alma owned the exclusive rights of a comtoise movement produced in the Black Forest in Germany which was in great demand as popularity of this type clocks grew in the late ‘70s.

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1980 | 609 English Table Clock

Ever since the 17th century table clocks with functions as calendars, planetarium and moon faces; in beautiful wooden cases are very popular. Alma extended her range of table clocks regularly with new popular models and this small English table clock was the start of a prestigious range of table and mantle clocks.

1983 | 1402 Christiaan Huygens

In the beginning of the ’80 s Alma bought a prestigious clock brand called Christiaan Huygens. This range of clocks was a big range of very highend models. The dials were complicated pieces of art and each clock of this range was manufactured with great care and eye for detail. This planetarium clock is a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship.


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1984 | 1004 Amsterdammer

Christiaan Huygens–During the golden age the Dutch produced these big grandfather clocks for the beautiful houses along the canals in Amsterdam. After buying the brand Christiaan Huygens, Alma started to reproduce copies of the very high-end models produced in Holland during the colonial times when Holland was one of the most important trading nations in the world.

1985 | 1368 Frisian Tail

Christiaan Huygens–Another fine example of a reproduction of clocks produced during the golden age in Holland.

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1988 | 217 Quartz clock

It was a shock to the traditional
clock industry to experience
the increasing popularity of the
quartz movement and its impact
was devastating. This was the
beginning of the end of the
traditional clock industry. A new
clock era was born...

1990 | 262 Jan des Bouvrie

The famous Dutch designer Jan
des Bouvrie designed one of the
first NeXtime glass clocks. This
model has been extremely popular
for many years.

1993 | 279 Wooden Wally

This clock is a success story! In the beginning
of the 90’s Alma klokken acquired a small
brand called NeXtime which was only sold in
Holland at the time. Alma first professionalized
the production and soon NeXtime clocks
became the company’s main activity with new
designs into the range.

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1995 | 2287 inflatable clock

The inflatable clock was designed by Alain Frie.It was a big hit during the hype of inflatable products. It was also the time that
Alma gradually moved their production to China.

2000 | 2610 Plug-inn

The Plug-inn, designed by Frits Vink is a world famous clock. It is NeXtime’s all-time bestseller. Plug-inn is a clock that shows a balance of modern and classic design.
At the turn of de millennium the company was about to launch itself into the new century with a new name: NeXtime. With Alain Frie as the new CEO it continued a journey of timeless clock designs, designs for any time..